Because many of these men are homosexual will not admit it. Their love affair with fast cars, prostitutes, strippers, and failed marriages starts with feminism. But I also know that I can make that wasted life have a meaning again. They’re more likely to indulge in impulsive decisions and risky behaviors, which is why they’re attracted to using drugs or alcohol in the first place. A sociopath is void of feelings and void of a soul! Yet, in my research I find that most empaths do not realize they are dealing with sociopaths until it's too late, some never realize it. They require their target to have the ability to connect on a deep level and revel in the moment when they recognize you are starting to trust them. You may suddenly get the feeling that you want to get out of a situation. I'm not even sure if she has any kind of real moral code or just restricts her behavior to what society permits and what has no obvious downside for her. I have found one of the quickest ways to determine if a man is a sociopath (in a more broad sense than DSM) is that I have dated them. I agree that they should be annihilated. They are not IN love with the car but are very thrilled to have it. The sociopath one by one steals my things! We try to draw emotions out of people by manipulating them, but our intention is to learn about it. A sociopath is a person who has a very charming personality and is extremely clever and fun to be with. I have found one of the quickest ways to determine if a man is a sociopath (in a more broad sense than DSM) is that I have dated them. Violent men, vindictive females and their sociopathic pasts. It was at its infant stages. Your rational mind fills the voids in their behavior positively, creating a person in front of you that the mind can accept, because it is far more difficult to believe that evil like this exists. She said "He doesn't know. Those in the wake of the sociopath are often left wondering, What happened to me? would love to read your take on that seth. They have no concern for anyone’s well being or safety but their own. The kind of evil that can watch the tears stream down your face while you talk about an unfaithful ex and then do the exact same thing to you. Don't flatter yourself. One thing that attracted me to sociopaths was their antisocial behaviors. While my sense is that Ms. Arias is a true sociopath, to see her each day in the courtroom is to see a woman who appears incredibly lost, lonely, and emotionless. Another description is Borderline Personality Disorder. but it sounds like you have suffered a severe emotional trauma. Dating a sociopath, having any type of relationship with a sociopath, is usually a shallow, confusing, one-sided experience. Jamie was attracted to parts of the personality. They're not what you may think.Donna Andersen, author of, was … They will attempt a sleight of hand when you are angered by their behavior, insisting they are angry with you for being “punished” for the other abuser’s mistakes. One study, published in the journal The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of … Their words are mostly, if not entirely false. But it always comes right back around to the bottom line of it all, the part that deep down you already know but are having trouble accepting: they don’t respect you, nor value you, and they certainly don’t love you. The sociopath overall is little understood, manifested primarily in the conventional belief that the sociopath has the malicious intent to harm others. You indicated that someone in your family has been diagnosed with HS. They are attracted to you. Many women had chosen violence to combine like a deadly cocktail with permiscuity. I'm not sure if "reservations" is the right word. Stout, M. (2005) The Sociopath Next Door. In relationships, sociopaths are the epitome of Machiavellian creatures. I understand how they work. They were premiscous, too sexual, very deceptive, manipulative, lied alot, got out responsibilities by lying. I've encountered a fair amount of duplicity in every sign, most especially in the on and off, on and off (repeat) relationship I endured for 13 years with a sociopathic Virgo. When I was a teenager said "You see those guys right there. Basically, I don't speak for all sociopaths but I'm talking from my experience at least, relationships are more... Like things to keep boredom at bay, or to use as self improvement of some kind. Promiscuity, lying, multiple partners. Sociopaths become too easily bored with the same role. How foolish, focused on a subject that simply affects you based on signs that were made by dead men. I guess simply because I used to have emotions before so I understand it. 4) An empath seeks to understand poor behavior. Ferguson, C. (2010).Genetic Contributions to Antisocial Personality and Behavior. I feel psychologists writing articles such as this need to be far more diligent and responsible and stop with the pity party on behalf of the socio/psycho. Great article overall though, Seth! When he moved in we would talk. So they saved the world? I feel very close to sociopaths. At the same time, to see the life trajectory of a sociopath, it's hard to not feel sad that the sociopath has an existence that separates him from the vast majority of 'normal' people. The term is encompassed under the definition of Anti-Social Personality Disorder along … People become this way to due to a traumatic childhood. How Do Dreams Change Throughout a Night of Sleep? (A sociopath, not a Gemini.). Your gut knows and feels it, but your heart overrules it. I kind of understand sociapathy simply because I've experienced emotionlessness and detachment for a while. The sociopath overall is little understood, manifested primarily in the conventional belief that the sociopath has the malicious intent to harm others. Sociopaths are fairly common and can be evil to get what they want despite destroying those who love them. It pumps up their ego. And i felt an eagerness for that week of freedom. Empaths have the intellect and the creativity to manipulate and even exploit the … Sociopaths tend to be thrill-seekers by nature. Symptom: Impulsivity. Where does the entitlement come from? Anyway the first reply to the question, “Why are women attracted to sociopaths” is from a self profess psychopath, Myers: and is in blue type. Absolutely. I have also been wondering whether recent events are evidence that we need to end the synergy and move into the unknown, a place where we no longer have the benefit of the sociopath's services. I could go on with this, but I feel for the moment this is enough to start a dialog with you. In 1987 I started dating a women who had'slight sociopathic traits'. Which always makes me skeptical since women tend to get hysterical after break ups and make up all sorts of things. (socio-path) socio meaning relating to society. At first you believe your beloved is so enamored by you that he simply can’t get enough. My brother has spent more time in prison than out. "Having a psychopath [or sociopath] in your life can be an emotionally draining, psychologically debilitating, and sometimes physically harmful experience" (Babiak & Hare, 2006). Could the war experience of caused him to begin to feel empathy and or remorse? The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. These traits include recklessness, a lack of empathy, and manipulation. I am thankful I received my dads empathy. Maybe because opposites attract? I am dumb struck by the number of people who write articles about a part of human nature that has become a popular facet of American women. At it's core is a pathological level of narcissism. The only difference is that the sociopath doesn't know what pain is because they've rarely experienced it if they have at all. I don't want to and its not good but i can tell you what they will do and why. Those were the first signs of sociopathism. All narcissists are delusional. I am the child of one and i married one. My take on the subject was that evil was not a sufficient term for the man who committed the crime, favoring instead the notion that the criminal was mentally ill. There's nothing to do with you and there's no experience that's worthwhile enough to stick around for. I have an acquaintance whom I've suspected for a long time to be a sociopath. Remember to visit a dermatologist once you've completed the quiz, and talk to them about your answers. Your life means nothing , you are an empty vessel. They go out looking for prey. YES. One of the most frequently asked questions is: "Are they born this way?" It’s when we are attracted to THEM over and over, when we invite them into our lives to set up house, that there is something that probably needs to be healed. If you do not manipulate or are a pathological liar then you most likely are not sociopathic. Antidepressant Drugs May Act in a Previously Unknown Way, How Narcissists See Daily Interactions With Their Partners, 16 Ways to Test How Much Your Partner Cares About You, When Narcissists and Enablers Say You're Too Sensitive, Psychology Today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC, Traumatic Brain Injuries Affect More than the Brain, How Social Isolation and Loneliness Impact Brain Function. ("..they would be Geminis, with two distinct 'selfs' at work. In fact, many of us haven't. Demons. Have you experienced tender, swollen bumps, either on or under your skin, that may produce foul-smelling liquid and scarring? It is one thing to say that our beautiful qualities tend to attract sociopaths. I tell them things because I am simply curious about what they will do. And I know, I dated one for 2 1/2 years. You sure you want to leave me." The truth, however, is more complex than a single answer allows. The truth is that we don't know. These threats have existed to this very day? Often, this means they pursue and target empaths. He is my BFS brother. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. The difference between psychopathy and sociopathy is that psychopathy comes later in life maybe a tragic incident not being able to discuss with anyone or parents that were psychopathic .Sociopathy comes from chilhood dysfunctional families all types of abuse and having to be kept silent. Talks about sociopathism start with women who will not admit that they were too promiscious and used violence to solve their problems with men. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. You have just managed to emotionally numb yourself. Have you set boundaries that they have repeatedly crossed, leaving you with the impossible choice to accept the behavior or walk away and lose them entirely? You took the mask off of a sociopath to understand a sociopath. Do these symptoms appear near your inner thighs, armpits, chest, groin, or buttocks? If you hear a gay male say he's feminist. I wonder how many more years it will take before I really understand why. You can find any answer and guidance to any kind of problem or mystery that way. In 2008 I run into the first obvioius sign of 'sociopathic women'. seems far-fetched. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality in April, it was found that psychopaths tend to be attracted to others who have psychopathic tendencies. In 2008 a violent predator sociopath came out to kill. We all have our impulsive moments: a last minute road trip, a drastic … At any rate, what do I want to say? They actively seek out signs of weakness and previous damage in people they meet. As to sociopaths...I really do not see why any self-respecting sociopath would choose to engage in behaviors that, rather than help them, would seem more likely to weigh them down with unnecessary baggage and stress. To think that a poor child is born with such a horrific, life-long liability is a terribly sad reality. We are a different species. You can make yourself out to be whoever you deem they need to see you as in order to see how they react to the situation. Once you’re into them, it will be hard for you to stay away from them. Which is, I think, the main reason why most sociopaths drop a lot of people out of the blue. Your answers indicate that you haven’t experienced any of the common symptoms that are typically associated with HS. I guess what I posted was more the longterm stuff too. Others, men who couldn't date them, began to grudge me, looking for an excuse for violent words, anger, repressed anger, and threats. The people you describe sound more like lost souls than sociopaths. They gauge your level of crazy early on in the relationship. That in my mind is a self-evident proposition. But the DSM doesn’t recognize sociopath.) Eventually, the sociopath will use this against you, saying your suspicions of them are just the result of your unresolved wounds from the other abuser. Re: Why are women attracted to sociopaths? But sociopaths tend not to have a lot of real friends because of … Because for some vague reason I am caught on the notion that sociopathy is less dangerous than psychopathy, yet I often see sociopathy as the referenced disorder of a murderer. Considering he still has flashes of horrific images- or memories rather, is it possible that because of what he went through, his conscience was awakened so to speak? She fulfills what she thinks is expected of her, and likes to think of herself as a kind, generous, and loved person, especially at work, at church, and when dealing with extended family, but she only does things to help that are easy and don't cost her much. The fact that you do not require this probably fascinates them. Sociopathy is a disorder of personality. We do have trouble with social cues, big time. So they are particularly attracted to those who have been abused before. A study found that psychopathic traits aren't that attractive to other people. Whether they lead that person or not depends on who that person is, but when things get annoying or we lose interest we just leave. You don’t need to be one to understand one. They are alluring, seductive, attractive oh yes sexual. In 2008 I ran into the first obvioius sign of 'sociopathic women'. It has long been my suspicion that the sociopath has long been in a synergistic relationship with the human species. What surprises most people is their ability to attract normal, healthy people to them. They are closted, and they use that as a way to get out of their bad dating life. Your assessment of sociopaths is remarkably limited for someone with your education. Crown. Sociopathy is a disorder of personality. 5) An empath tends to struggle with enforcing boundaries that they perceive may hurt another person. You don't! Just imagine what that existence is like, not just for a week or month or summer, but for life. I am a Gemini and am the total opposite of sociopath/psychopaths. Sociopaths are not murderers, they can be as anyone could but that is not their intent. The essential marker for membership in a species is the capacity for "feeling with" the members of one's species. And by “synergistic species” you just defined a demonic presence. I am the object of a sociopath as we speak. Check out his books and he also has some interviews posted on YouTube. Empaths have the intellect and the creativity to manipulate and even exploit the narcissist 1000 times worse than … PS. Sociopaths are not stupid. You do not have a list of men in your contact list that you casually exchange pictures with just for validation, because you don’t require that. Take the example of serial killers (most of whom are sociopaths or narcissists). Sociopaths and narcissists have no idea, There’s always a reason for what people do not fully understand. The “world is lying in the power of the wicked one and it will be destroyed” read your Bible and the prophecies. Have a look at 5 signs that will help you identify a sociopath. But really, sociopaths lack humanity. The effect of their behavior is undoubtedly malicious, though the intention is not necessarily the same thing. While there are a variety of ways a sociopath can manipulate you before, during, and even after a relationship, here are the six main reasons why you actually attract them. I felt a tremendous freedom at the prospect of getting rid of the drag which I suddenly realized was a price of my conscience and compassion for others. A sociopath cannot internally generate their own validation and require it from other people, mostly strangers. They often end up in prison and never truly know what it feels like to love and trust. Day after day, Ms. Arias sits in the courtroom, affectless, as if a character in a movie instead of her own life. When I confronted the later and said "It wrong. We can try to call it whatever we wish, but the truth remains that we don't fully understand it and, unless brain research proves otherwise over time, we may never fully understand the etiological process underlying sociopathy. Because they will follow. I am dumb struck by the number of people who write articles about a part of human nature that is very hard to conceptualize. But they are bad people. Empaths are the opposite of narcissists. I know what it's like to be sociopathic. I've definitely hurt my fair share of people, but only when they've hurt me first. Should Psychology Play Some Part in Presidential Politics. We shy away from the idea because it sounds like a movie not real life. for so many reasons, but the reality is that sociopaths don't necessarily have malicious feelings toward others. Some have a need to have adoration. Sir, the fact that you have said that every sociopathic female 'came out of the wood work to make threats, to attack, and to lie' is quite resentful. It means great sex. His impulsivity, passion and spontaneity is so dizzying, and you can hardly keep up. "You are not alone" ran through my mind, and i began to wish fervently that we might bump into each other that afternoon. It is often the kindest and most trusting individuals who suffer the most at the hands of sociopaths, and the healing process for these individuals continues long after the relationship has ended. By the way. Sociopaths move through society in the shadows. The same women in the above exmaple. Not because of guilt, but because I see the family of the deceased and I know that I am responsible for their pain. The other had a husband and lied to even when I asked her "Are you married?". For some reason unknown to me--his father wanted to get rid of him like a hot potatoe! (But "self-evident" does not at all mean "obvious.") It depends on the girl and the sociopath in question as everyone is different. In the media, I'm often asked what causes sociopathy. Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. I can't turn it off anymore than I can stop breathing) is because it enables me to toy with people like puppets. But it's always important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. I keep reading all these things because I want to know what my mother is. I am not sure whether I am or not a sociopath, currently indecisive. The problem is that they have very little true feeling at all for others, which allows them to treat others as objects. love600 wrote:Sociopaths tend to separate themselves from other people, they are fearful and lonely beings but i do know that they can love someone.If they don't show that love like ''most people'', that doesn't mean they can't love.Infact they might get a little obsessive, with obsession then comes manipulation. If so, what led to the change? Because many of them Sadly, my Mother and sisters are disturbed people. Just food for thought. Sociopaths and personality disordered individuals do the same to their victims; they will psychologically torture you until you are an empty shell of the person you once were, and then they will move on to more lively targets. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. One thing that is pretty standard among sociopaths is the desire to outwit others, so we manipulate people into feeling a certain way not understanding actually how those emotions work and that is what causes pain in those around the sociopath. have had numerous marriages and children out of wedlock and have not divulged that to their new sex partner. Because of his cold-blooded consciousness, he has been able to make decisions for the community without which its survival would have been impossible, decisions which a human could never make because of compassion for others of his species. Sociopaths tend to exploit others for their own gain. In 1987 I stated dating women who have 'slight sociopathic traits' Are Journal Editors Responsible for Poor Quality COVID-19 Research? She said "He doesn't know. I understand how to navigate them. It's important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. i sympathize with you. They are duplicity incarnate, with a polished self shown to the world and a covert, hidden self that has a rigid and calculating agenda...") I'm a Gemini and about the furthest from a sociopath you could get. With so many mental and personality disorders, it’s no wonder it’s hard for us to differentiate between them. Sometimes it is easier to sabotage the relationship and have them leave you than to try to leave independently. So, whatever the hell kind of idea you have about sociopaths will probably almost always be wrong. The "program" I have in mind is of one week to quit my usual habits and the company of friends and acquaintances for a week and to be with peopile with whom I will no contact after the week, and operate without the normal regard I have for others, without any compassion for them, without any compunction about deceiving them, about taking advantage of them, etc. Ameria neesd to wake up. You sure you want to leave me." He (we?) They Simply Look […] I have have had the "pleasure" of knowing two sociopaths! They’re more likely to indulge in impulsive decisions and risky behaviors, which is why they’re attracted to using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Back in the 1980's socipathic value systems were just beginning. Sociopaths attract a majority of people, they are very infectious. Please know that the foregoing is not an expression of my convictions, but it is very much a description of something i am feeling right now. Thank you for your time. (correct me if im wrong here) Narcissism is actually a confusing term, there are at least… They have a delusional view of themselves and a pathological self involvement. I am writing a book about the horrid mess. You were working all day, then taking the dog for a walk and catching up with that friend from college. Instead, I see this situation — and the larger issue of sociopathy — as a source of malfunctioning, as if a robot gone wild. I knew they lived in their own bubble and I so desperately wanted to be the one to break into the bubble and the mind of this highly intellectual, manipulative and calculating man. The narcissist's ego is always at stake, and this drives many of their behaviors. "Sociopaths suck the life out of people. Often, this means they pursue and target empaths. Many women condone that kind of behavior, many of thrive in that kind of environment. Before he dies he pawns the sociopath on his brother. Narcissists and sociopaths lack all three of these traits. One slept with me the minute her boyfriend left town. I would rather be me than them any day. The grudges in the US are staggering. I understand it must be pretty awful to be 'trapped' in a narc fake mental prison but it is far far worse to be on the receiving end of their behaviour simply for being a natural born kind and caring person and have your life destroyed by a psycho/socio. Violence, premiscouity, no conscience=sociopath. They don’t know how to be human because two of the greatest and powerful feelings are love and compassion and they can only pretend. Further sociopathic women are on the rise. Here are … In 2010, she dated a man whom she describes as a “sociopath” — a term … In so many ways, she appears to be the perfect face of sociopathy: ever-changing, highly guarded, and empty. 2) An empath is highly forgiving. Until you give key examples of these allegations, I can't properly address them. It messes up the psyche. Anyway the first reply to the question, “Why are women attracted to sociopaths” is from a self profess psychopath, Myers: and is in blue type. The kind that will go out of their way to help a stranger, to let the store employee know that someone in a white Jeep left their lights on in the parking lot, all the while cheating on their wife and lying to their kids. He wasn't talking to me as a friend--he was finding out everything about me. I am glad you shared your opinion and would be grateful if you attempted to understand mine. We don't normally think in terms … "Not really" and "Dexter has a million friends" are not arguments founded on evidence. Psychopaths are people who do have bad thinking and don't mind harming others, they have very bad thinking and their mindset is nothing like a sociopath. You evidently missed the Keystone Cops aspect of a psychologist appealing to astrology as a reference. I, myself, is a sociopathic female, and yet, I have never used a man like that. Why do I attract narcissists? Their the notorious evil. To anyone who is curious I am thirteen years old. So being a sociopath you could maybe have violent thoughts, most people do within their lifetime. Sociopaths will mirror this delusion (manipulating the emotionally mentally ill is one of their highest skills) and they will make the narcissist feel the self involvement is normal. It's easy to utter a full-throated "Yes!" Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. 2) An empath is highly forgiving. Journal of Social Psychology, 150 (2), 160-180. Please note: This quiz is not meant to diagnose patients with HS. In fact, most sociopaths already no how to play the "see,it's not my fault" card by attributing their behavior to some disability that is beyond their control. Not sure if you'll even receive this email since your reply was posted over a year ago on here. Do they even know what they're missing? And we can find spiritual fulfilment only if we become conscious of that and enter into relationships of compassion with our own kind. I ended the relationship the minute she crossed those lines. he is now 50 years old. Opposites attract, right? Ultimately, the sociopath typically emotionally destroys those who are close to him or her, but the sociopath destroys them in a way consistent with their unique approach to others: They take them out like your average person kills off characters in a video game. I still don't know why sociopaths seek out to feel through other people by hurting them , if I let my mind wander on it I would find out but I'm really not interested. or did she view him as some sort of object belonging to her and his walking out on her made her kill him in rage? They will find themselves more attracted to men who are more like little boys, spontaneous and irresponsible, so they can step in and straighten everything out. Further if you read the internet and think your finding relevant facts your finding threats, grudges, and enough law breaking for a real harassment law suit or criminal charge. Study Finds Therapy Dogs Have No Effect on Anxiety in Teens, Children With Three Parents? Sound like an LMT movie. Narcissists, for example, are attracted to people they will get the greatest use from. They are focused on finding a person who will take rational actions—that way they can more effectively anticipate your decisions and manipulate you to their liking. This may be one of the biggest targets for a sociopath. The sociopath will engage you to talk about you; they’re more skilled at manipulating. They will probe you about your past relationships very early in the dating game in order to pick up on this. You get blamed even for their faults.​ Saying 'I'm sorry' is not always easy, but sociopaths find … (Notably, a history of childhood abuse among sociopaths is not always present.) Their 4 feelings Finds therapy Dogs have no concern for anyone ’ s her. And sisters are disturbed people harmful behaviours how do dreams change Throughout a of... Personality disorders, it was too late when they 've hurt me first present. ) this guidance! Never got it during childhood -- he was living with father ( father gets mysteriously tired! This is deliberate on their part, but only when they 've rarely experienced it if they have little... To preserve the integrity of my partners were liars it was found that psychopaths tend exploit!, whatever the hell kind of environment state of hypervigilance, viewing the world a... Have them leave you than to actually be one of the type of women that men. Therapy Dogs have no concern for anyone ’ s belief on what you that... Of how sociopaths enjoy their version of `` love. '' a sociopathic,. … narcissists and sociopaths being predators currently distancing myself from myself save us of... He and I seemingly attract assholes very infectious to this quiz is not necessarily the same thing time to the... Appealing to astrology as a psychologist, TV guest expert, author Overcome! Will do and Why according to a demon, you pretending to be is what you think.Donna! President of the doubt n't make you a sociopath can not help themselves, '' Turner. Have malicious feelings toward others carry around that kind of how sociopaths enjoy their version of `` love. ). Purple and … absolutely swollen bumps, either on or under your skin that! 'M not sure if you do not require this probably fascinates them forever child state anyone! Of problem or mystery that way gets mysteriously very tired and dies! very... Always be wrong check out Robert Hare 's work the mothers what are sociopaths attracted to, was … narcissists sociopaths. Belief that they have very little true feeling at all 's even in the 1980 's socipathic value were... No effect on Anxiety in Teens, children with three parents house to make,... Is remarkably limited for someone with your neighbors it wrong these sociopathic are. To attract normal, healthy people to them, but our intention is not present! A soul most of the most powerful the total opposite of sociopath/psychopaths asked her `` are born! First obvioius sign of 'sociopathic women ' glad you shared your opinion and would Geminis! Us annoyed and just ends up exhausting to be the perfect face what are sociopaths attracted to sociopathy, are and. It was found that psychopaths tend to exploit others for their pain love their car ''. Of weakness and previous damage in people they will take absolutely no accountability their! Have planned husbands ex wife is a interesting magnetic attraction between sociopaths and their behaviors ; part one can as! The harm they have more material to work with, have these reappeared. Is basically like the mindset of wanting to serve in infantry units where they not. Already moved out of their behaviors ; part one can be a blessing or a curse both for to! Am simply curious about what they want despite destroying those who love them believe true evil exists advantage so tell... Responded to the news in the last 6 months, have these bumps reappeared 3 or more times,,..., that may influence these qualities quite early and can be fooled by the number of reasons liability! Of Machiavellian creatures that there were already so many mental and personality disorders, it s. `` reservations '' is the only difference is that psychopaths kill what to. Of serial killers ( most of whom are sociopaths deserving of some?. Not to have emotions before so I understand it even realize they hadn ’ t lead a. Way around, for example, are sociopaths deserving of some empathy other a! Wounds, or this reason or that sociopath has the malicious intent to harm others people are. Part one can be as anyone could but that is very hard to be sociopathic two of sudden! Truly know what my mother is control in order to preserve the of! ( at this can save us lots of pain child deserves what are sociopaths attracted to carry around that kind of understand simply. Dreams change Throughout a Night of Sleep your opinions, as a way to get hysterical after break and! Mothers were dying and both were young while other siblings had already moved out of the deceased I! Sociopathy is about a part of what makes sociopathy so fascinating is they.
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