Rent a moonwalk, bounce house, water slide, or obstacle course, and throw in some fun foods like a sno cones or popcorn and you've got a phenomenal carnival in your own backyard! All of your young party guests will squeal with delight when they drive up to your event and see a fun, themed jump house. When it comes time for your child’s birthday, celebrate with an exciting inflatable bounce house. Whether you want a birthday party rental, or have a school, work or church event- we have the best bouncy castles around! The rate also depends on the design of the unit. And one of the most important. Due to the charges cleaning fees, some customers would rather extend an extra hour or so that is solely reserved for inspection and sanitation before turning over the rented bounce house. Lv 6. Source(s): money cost rent bounce house whats good website view good bounce house: I have a $1000 commercial grade bounce house that I have been using for personal use (every bday party/grad party/summer bbq for the next 20 years), but what has stopped me from renting it out is fear of injury or damage to the equipment. Bounce houses are a fun way to keep kids entertained during birthday parties and other events. The national average cost for renting a bounce house ranges between $160 and $200.Cost will be affected by the size, design and functions of the bounce house you rent as well as the length of the rental. Cost for one bounce house & slide … many times people will say I want to Rent A cheap Bounce House As you have always heard you get what you paty for when you just look at cost. Other considerations, such as location, nearby amenities, design features and layout, also affect how much rent you can charge. Servicing your bounce house rental needs in the entire Seattle, Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, Federal Way and Puget Sound area. Bounce house rental cost depends on two main factors: the size of the inflatable and the duration of the rental. When I was in CA it was less than a hundred bucks and they came with chairs and table. 0 0. The most common rates include $30 to $50 per hour. How much electricity will a bounce house rental use? This is known as the rental yield. With an all day rental, you can be sure that kids can play for hours and hours. Park set up fee is $35. If your house is more expensive, however, (meaning that it’s worth over $350,000) it’s a good idea to charge less rent so that you can attract more buyers. So Much Fun!! You purchase 1 - 15' x 15' Commercial Castle (Cost $1,895) You rent it for $75 a day (very low, but you should research your local market for an accurate estimate). Your combo package could begin to pay for itself in less than 15 weeks! Our services include Portable Laser tag, Mechanical Bull, Inflatable Obstacle courses, Bounce houses, carnival games and rides, Mechanical Surfboard, bungee run, Photo Booth and much more. I currently own and operate an inflatables company. Once you know what you want to charge per night, think about how much time it takes you to turn over the space for the next guest. How much does it cost to rent a bounce house? Bounce house rentals are America's favorite attraction at special events, school fun days, birthday parties and so much more. We strive to give you the best bounce house rental experience at the lowest cost possible. Most rental companies rent bounce houses for blocks of 4, 6 or 8 hours. The price range for regular 13x13 and 15x15 commercial bounce houses is $ 85 - $ 175. The calculated hourly rate is typically $10 to $80 per hour, with rates from $30 to $50 an hour being the most common. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. You mentioned Corey pays $1600 a year in insurance. They write policies in all 50 states and can give you the straight story on the right policy for your business. Charging rent that’s too high will make living in your house unaffordable for many people. I don’t consider that a lot of time, so I charge a minimal cleaning fee of $30, to cover costs for supplies and my time. Laser Maze is a party rental company serving our community since 2002. Indeed the Bounce house rental industry can be very challenging, but understanding how to start a bounce house rental business can make that challenge a bit easier. Very minimal, as illustrated in the example below: Example: Most Blowers are running at 115Volts at 7.0 Amps. The average cost of property management is between 7% and 10% of the monthly rent, according to Kevin Ortner, chief executive officer of Renters Warehouse — a company that manages around 23,000 properties throughout the U.S. A rental property for a good price will get a lot of interest, whereas a rental property for a bad price won’t get much interest at all. Overnight price is 30% of the regular price. All of our water slides are treated to remain super slick and fun for all ages. Here we present the most typical rental rates that bounce house rental companies follow: The regular hourly rent rate for medium size bounce house ranges from $10 to $40 an hour. Bounce Houses. Also, we are extremely reliable. Other bounce house businesses are set up to operate out of storefronts, where they fill the space with different inflatables and charge an entrance fee for children. The bounce house renting cost ranges from $10 to $80 per hour. Most rental companies offer 4 hours rate as a package, so that’s $60 for 4 hours at least. We take our time to clean and sanitize each inflatable between rentals. Contrary to what other people think, bounce house rentals are affordable, and rates depend on the type of bounce house that you are trying to rent. The Bounce House Store recommends getting in touch with Cossio Insurance. Amusements On Demand has a great selection for our Seattle customers in sizes, themes, and characters. The rates may vary but most companies that would provide bounce houses would rent them in an hourly basis. (115V X 7.0 Amps) =805 Watts / hour, which means that it consumes approx 0.805 KWT (Kilowatts) X (an average rate of say $0.16/ hour of electricity) = $0.13/ hour cost of electricity. Open houses are a great way to see the interest, however you might not want to wait a week until the open house is on to get feedback. You average 1.5 Rentals a week (Total of 78 a year) Income Generated - $75 x 78 Rentals a Year = $5,850 For example, my small apartment can be cleaned in less than three hours. In Long Beach, California, for an 8 hour rental of castle bounce house, for instance, expect to pay 99 dollars excluding delivery and installation charges which may starts from $25 up. The South West was the region that saw the biggest rent increase of 5.5% in August 2020 compared to the previous August, according to the HomeLet Rental Index, while average rental costs went up by 5.4% in the North West, 3.5% in Yorkshire and Humberside and 3.1% in Scotland. They have been in the industry a long time, and are the choice of many bounce house manufacturers and rental businesses. The amount of rent is generally a percentage of your home's market value. So if you want to rent a bounce house good for three to four kids, a block of 4 hours could cost you $40 to $160. How much a bounce house should cost. You purchase 1 - 15' x 15' Commercial Castle (Cost $1,895) You rent it for $75 a day (very low, but you should research your local market for an accurate estimate). We used to rent them all the time. 1 decade ago. Water Slides are definitely the most fun of all the great inflatables available. Overnight pick up time is in between 7am and 12pm. Average Bounce House Rental Prices . Themed bounce houses can only go out to a select few. Rent a water slide for your next … Whether you’re a first-time landlord ready to test out the rental market or a more experienced landlord trying new locations and property types, deciding how much rent to charge can be one of the hardest parts of the rental process. Bounce castles, unless they are a combo unit, are either a 13ft x 13ft or they are a 15ft x 15ft. With a water slide in your backyard the kids will have a blast all day. New York Bounce House Rental. But you ask, How much does a. bounce house rental cost? A small rental for 6 hours may only cost $100, while an elaborate slide-and-castle setup could cost up to $500. While most inflatable bounce house rental companies in Spring TX charge for 4 or 6 hour rentals, our price for a rental is 8 hours. The cost of renting a bounce house, or you prefer call it moonwalk and jumper, normally start from $15 per hour. Some people choose to rent bounce houses to customers for a party. On top of the standard time-based bounce house rental prices, rental companies usually charge a cleaning fee of around $50 to $300 to renters who leave stains on the leased inflatable castles. Try the same calculation using a range between 1.0% to 1.3%, based upon rent rates and availability of similar rental properties in the area. A good starting point for working out how much rent to charge is to get an input from a local expert. An inflatable bounce house, more popularly known as a bounce house or inflatable jumpers, is a great addition to children’s parties. The rates of renting a bounce house fluctuate drastically depending on a complexity of the structure as well as the geographic location. If you want to rent a bounce house for a whole day, the average bounce house rental prices range about $200 or even more in a day. Bounce house businesses are generally set up in two different ways. And so, having considered all that, the next step is to know how much renting a commercial bounce house would cost. How Much Should I Charge for Rent: A Guide to Rental Rates March 11, 2019 By Andrea Collatz Resources, Landlords, Tenant Screening As an independent landlord, it’s important to understand that the key to landlord success begins with setting a rental rate that is not only profitable for your property, but also is competitively priced to attract good tenants. In order to set up a jumper at a park it is required from the customer to check within the local authorities if a permit is required. This gives you plenty of time to entertain your guest without have to be concerned about the inflatable moon walk being taken down in the middle of the party. If you are renting a bounce house it’s important to ask several questions to assure that you have the best party ever. Our inflatables are the cleanest in the business. The amount that you charge for rent will decide your profit, your vacancy periods, your tenant quality, and so much more. Bouncy houses are inflated trampolines that have plenty of space on the interior for kids and … Ross. 1) Selecting the wrong bounce houses to start with: This is an interesting one to me, but there are always bounce house companies on Craigslist that are getting out of the rental business and they are selling 4-licensed (themed) bounce houses. Cost for one bounce house AND one colossal slide: $4,245; Rental fee: $195/day (an average rental time of 1.5 days/week) Weekly income: $292.50.
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